Welcome Back Carter…

29 11 2010

Wow, so it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged. And the truth is, there is a lot to have been blogging about too! So much going on in life, the Pacific Northwest and in real estate. I guess the cold winter months provide ample opportunity to jump back in – but where to start?

Since this is the season of overeating, over drinking, and general slothfulness and gluttony, I figure I’ll start by posting a link to a friend’s great blog/site called Sweat and the City. Jenn, the owner has awesome recipes to get back on track, videos on how to tighten up those abs and core muscles again, and motivation to help you slide off the couch and into your workout clothes. Don’t kid yourself – this site may look catered to women but it is not gender specific by any means.

Okay, so I broke the seal on my blog once again. It was short but it’s done. Enjoy and after you go to her site, come back and post your thoughts!

Best wishes this holiday season!