Amazing Remodel in Ballard (over 3000 sq/ft)

8 03 2010

This is just a stunning home inside. There are so many features this home holds with Built Green features just being a few. Wood-wrapped energy efficient windows, Paperstone counters and Marmoleum flooring, (using 100% natural ingredients) to the energy efficient gas water and heating.

There is a list of upgrades that are nearly too long to list, but I’ll name a few. In the home, you’ll find feature cards pointing these out, among others. To secure against earthquakes, this home was fully retrofitted. In 2007, the entire upstairs took on a new look as a master suite. That’s correct, the whole upper floor, with two lengthy dormers provide a habitute that is so unique, spacious, elegant yet intriguing with it’s exposed brick and architecturally pleasing lines. The master bath is a 5 piece, with a 6′ long jetted tub with new, crisp white subway title surrounding it, as well as a separate shower. The master bath’s vanity features a unique basin brought back from Mexico specifically for this home. In addition, there is a walk-in closet and very spacious reading area and even a nook in the corner for writing stationary.

Oh, and lest I forget, you get peek-a-boo views of Mt. Rainier from here too.

The main floor features the first of two kitchens – this is an outstanding kitchen too. So spacious that Martha Stewart could house all her kitchen accoutrements easily. And the gas cooking center also includes a warming station and nothing-short-of-amazing microwave. Seriously! The garbage and recycling is stealthly hidden in it’s own sliding cabinet across from the large Amoire Fridge/freezer. Did I mention these were stainless?

The kitchen opens to both the dining area and entertainment sized deck out back. From the dining area, the floor circles around to the living room in front, then down a hallway are two bedrooms, a full bathroom and the stairs to the master suite.

Access to the lower level is past the kitchen’s library. Descend from there to enter the laundry suite which includes full size stacking washer/dryer mix, a basin and also a folding table. Plenty of room in here for an additional fridge/freezer and shelving. Off the laundry, you can enter the den or the family room.

It gets unique once again – the family room contains a full kitchen with finishings that makes my kitchen jealous. When the current owners were remodeling the upper floors, they comfortably lived on this level. In addition to these rooms, there is a beautiful 3/4 bathroom with tile work, lighting and paint choices that make you feel like you were in an Italian villa.

Out back, the yard is fully fenced and off to the side-rear is a detatched garage.

This home features so many smaller details as well that you’ll just have to stop by an explore!

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Beautiful Wallingford 2 bed/1 bath Lake Union/Downtown View Condo

15 01 2010

New Price is set at $314,900

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Why We Need Bigger Houses!

6 11 2009

George Carlin Talks About “Stuff”

One of my favorite George Carlin acts!

Woot! Senate Extends and Expands Homebuyer Tax Credit

4 11 2009

The Senate just voted a unanimous 98-0 toward extending and expanding the tax credit. What sounds like a windfall amount of $45 billion, it will cover the home buyer credit, tax relief for companies losing money (how do I qualify as a Realtor?!), and also extending jobless benefits to the unemployed. I’m not clear, however, on how much will be allocated to each, or if the $45 billion is just for the home buyer credit, or what kind of loss is covered in the business tax relief. My main purpose in writing this is to acknowledge that the home buyer credit seems to be moving forward. The next steps for the bill is the House then the President.

So… what exactly does this mean to home buyers?

craftsman houseWell the credit amount remains at $8,000, and will be extended until April 30th of 2010, and allow those with higher incomes – individuals and couples earning $125k and $225k respectively to get the credit as well. In addition, some current homeowners will qualify for a tax credit too. For those who have currently lived in their homes 5 yrs or more, $6,500 is available to them.

There are some loopholes to this however. Those who sell or no longer use the home as a primary residence in three years from closing will have to repay the credit. In addition, those who purchase a home at a price of $800,000 or more are not eligible either.

Like it or not, it is here to run it’s course… well, almost.

KaChing! An Exciting Web Site for Learning the Ropes of Investing

4 11 2009

Today I just signed up with and I am excited about it! I read about it in the NY Times a few weeks back and didn’t take note of the actual spelling. (ChaChing is also referred to as the sound of money clicking against itself so I was searching under that word online for the site) After giving my search for the site a break, I thought about alternate spelling options and thus, I found it.

woman holding bank uid

Let the money start falling

So today I took the plunge and signed up. Something I find very unique and interesting about this site is that you can mirror, or watch “Investing Geniuses”  do what they do. This is extremely unique since the investor game is understandably kept as close to the chest, much as a poker players in the championships.

Years ago, I read a lot about investing in stocks and as a teen I was very excited about the prospect of making money that way. But over time, it fell to the background, girls, fun, sports, classes, and cheap paying jobs (yay) came to the foreground. Although I still have my books from way back then – the great, simple ones that give you a history of investing in very plain terms talking about what a blue-chip is, etc., I don’t read them. Who has the time these days?! And if reading them would help in investing, then why hadn’t it made a dent in my investing prowess back then?

So this is day one of my new education into the money markets. I hope to see my virtual portfolio flourish not just from mimicry but as a result of becoming wiser to the ways of evaluating publicly traded companies, reading forecasts, making informed speculations on the future and in general, from having fun with it.

I’m hoping that this post will allow you to take a peek at KaChing and possibly join in the fun. After all, your virtual portfolio does start out at 1,000.000.00 When’s the last time you’ve had that kind of expendable cash to throw at investments?!

Cheers to investing smartly, wisely and fun-ly 🙂