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Wine tasting in Walla Walla Washington at Basel Cellars

Hello there! My name is Brad Howell and I am a life-long native of the Pacific Northwest, and more importantly to the Seattle Metro area. I love it here. Absolutely! Being an avid outdoorsman including the dog, I find this part of the world an amazing place to explore, experience and enjoy.

To learn about my work life, you are welcome to visit my LinkedIn Profile but to visit a mix of my personal and business life, you’ll have to request I add you on Facebook . Don’t worry; it’ll be worth the trip because you’ll get to meet my dog Hogan inside!

So just on the fat chance you care, I’d like to tell you how I spend some, or most of my time when not working… or acting like I’m working. Who am I kidding – I’m always working on something.

As I mentioned, I love the outdoors. A result of that is you’d be more likely than not, to find me there. Makes sense huh? From biking around town 12 months of the year to snow shoeing a mountain trail with my dog Hogan, I love nature. What are some of our favorite things you ask? Well, for Hogan, it is hands-down swimming. Whether it be a puddle the size of a coffee stain, an ocean, or a frigid glacial lake, he wants to be in it! Oh, and he loves hiking, treats, playing, and lounging around. My interests are a bit more varied – from hiking and kayaking, to mountain skiing/snowboarding, to cold water scuba diving, I additionally love art, music, cooking and living healthy. Of course these are not all-encompassing but they give you a good start into who I am.

For income, you will find me showing and selling real estate around this vast Seattle Metropolitan area. I’ve been running my own shop since 2000 although I got licensed when I was 19 yrs old, back in 1992. I did have a 7 month stint back then and sold one home before my girlfriend made me pick between a career in real estate and her. I chose her. We broke up 4 months later. I love what I do and I seem to be very good at it. I have always been interested in inventing and creating new companies and ideas. However, I have yet to bring one of my ideas into the development stages nor have I started any new businesses other than a partnership with my father and a brother-in-law restoring homes.

Then there is the volunteer work – while I used to spend volunteer hours at Children’s Hospital for phone drives, I have traded it out for a long volunteer “career” with American Red Cross. For ARC I perform a few functions but the primary is my position as a Disaster Team Captain (DAT 2). Other roles I fill are the occasional (okay, very occasional now) teaching role, and as a Mass Care volunteer on Mass Care teams 2 and 5 I serve most commonly as a Shelter Manager.

On that note, there is a quote I read a few years back that I want to share with you right here;

“Everyone is born with at least one gift, your only job in life is to learn about it, take care of it, and practice it for the benefit of others.”  Doug Kelly – Chief, Coast Salish Indians

I hope you find yours…

Thank you so much for taking a moment to read about me, I hope I fulfilled at least a few of your curiosities and I hope that throughout the life of this blog, I continue to improve on its function, information, and I hope you will have as much fun reading it as I will in creating the content.




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