KaChing! An Exciting Web Site for Learning the Ropes of Investing

4 11 2009

Today I just signed up with www.KaChing.com and I am excited about it! I read about it in the NY Times a few weeks back and didn’t take note of the actual spelling. (ChaChing is also referred to as the sound of money clicking against itself so I was searching under that word online for the site) After giving my search for the site a break, I thought about alternate spelling options and thus, I found it.

woman holding bank uid

Let the money start falling

So today I took the plunge and signed up. Something I find very unique and interesting about this site is that you can mirror, or watch “Investing Geniuses”  do what they do. This is extremely unique since the investor game is understandably kept as close to the chest, much as a poker players in the championships.

Years ago, I read a lot about investing in stocks and as a teen I was very excited about the prospect of making money that way. But over time, it fell to the background, girls, fun, sports, classes, and cheap paying jobs (yay) came to the foreground. Although I still have my books from way back then – the great, simple ones that give you a history of investing in very plain terms talking about what a blue-chip is, etc., I don’t read them. Who has the time these days?! And if reading them would help in investing, then why hadn’t it made a dent in my investing prowess back then?

So this is day one of my new education into the money markets. I hope to see my virtual portfolio flourish not just from mimicry but as a result of becoming wiser to the ways of evaluating publicly traded companies, reading forecasts, making informed speculations on the future and in general, from having fun with it.

I’m hoping that this post will allow you to take a peek at KaChing and possibly join in the fun. After all, your virtual portfolio does start out at 1,000.000.00 When’s the last time you’ve had that kind of expendable cash to throw at investments?!

Cheers to investing smartly, wisely and fun-ly 🙂




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4 11 2009

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