Hello world!

3 11 2009

Well, I’m making the move… no more Blogger.com action for me. I’ve spent a good part of the day researching technology – okay 95% of it sans bathroom breaks for Hogan and work phone calls/emails throughout the day as well. But I want to share something special… I found an AWESOME new image editing tool called GIMP! I’m posting a link to CNET’s web site for the download since the site for GIMP.org actually sucks when trying to access the download page… or any other for that matter!

Anyway, check out my banner above… yeah, go ahead! Well I created it from a photo I snapped of Snow Lake a few years ago, and threw some text on there – all with GIMP. The good news for those with mad Photoshop skillz is that it is nearly identical to it! From what I can remember at least, and that’s what others are saying too. However my PS education is ohhh, about 14 yrs old and I haven’t used it in about 3 or more years. And that was only limited to lightening and adjusting basic photo elements. Soooo, I guess I’ve got some re-education to do. Don’t worry, I’ll stock up on caffeine at a local coffee shop like Fremont Coffee or Canal Street Coffee (which oddly enough in todays age does not have a web site) although it’s getting a bit cold for Hoagie and I to be chillin (literally) on a coffee shop’s deck, and I’ll get through it just fine. Hmmm, I might opt for the reclusive desk in my condo or maybe I’ll duck into my office just two blocks east of Lake Union to consume all that GIMP/PhotoShop knowledge. Who’s to say?

Regardless… I’m very glad to have made the move to WordPress and I’m looking forward to learning about all the ways I can integrate technology into a great vehicle for blogging about the Pacific Northwest as well as political events, micro-blogs on local n’hoods and communities and most importantly, my knowledge and work in real estate.

So to each and every one of you (yes, I do have faith) that over the life of this blog, join in, oh, and thanks for taking the ride together with me!






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